Month: January 2023

Ampthill Past Project

Would you like to be involved in an exciting new project dedicated to bringing the more recent history of Ampthill alive?

To engage with long-standing residents of Ampthill and around, to collect and record memories of Ampthill Past in the form of stories, photos, interviews, videos etc.

The records will be uploaded and stored on our website initially, and access will be made available to the public through membership.

Through a previous project that we were involved with, we have access to recording equipment and have permission to borrow it.

Those wishing to become involved in this project can help in many ways, e.g., recruiting residents for interviews, interviewing residents, researching topics, writing up memories, transcribing recordings, general help, and admin etc.

All volunteers will be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement to ensure privacy is maintained for individuals participating and all records will be centrally maintained.

Get involved now and help to share Ampthill memories for posterity

More details will be available shortly.

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2023 Programme of Walks

John Hele has agreed to lead a programme of walks around Ampthill in 2023. Below is the proposed programme of walks as of January 2023, keep checking back for details as they become available. The walks are open to members only, if you want to join the society, click here.

31st January

Ghost Walk

Tuesday evening 7.30pm

A town the age of Ampthill seems to have more than its fair share of ghost stories, with more coming to light all the time. Come and hear these stories together with other historical facts about the town. View Details

22nd April

Ampthill North-East   

Saturday afternoon 2pm

There is no doubt that the north-east quadrant of Ampthill has more interesting historical facts and stories than the whole of the rest of the town. Including the church, which we shall visit and also Church Street which has Royal connections, the tour will also show how Ampthill once prospered and then declined. View Details

17th June

Ampthill Graveyard 

Saturday afternoon 2pm

Please note: date changed from the 24th

For its size, Ampthill has one of the largest graveyards in the county. There are some fascinating characters buried there with interesting stories to be told. The tour covers some sad stories together with memorials and graves of the Lords and Ladies with fascinating stories to tell. View Details

1st July

Secret Ampthill   

Saturday afternoon 2pm

With any town of the age of Ampthill there are going to be those interesting little features that you probably walk past every day and never notice. This walk explores the town and highlights the hidden gems and why they are there, including the various graveyards in the town.

23 September

Ampthill’s Origins through the Park         

Saturday afternoon 2pm

Please note: date changed from the 9th

Ampthill Park has had an enormous influence on the town, from prehistoric times to the present day. This walk around the park will highlight a whole range of historical features and why they are there, as well as piecing together how various historical events have contributed to the nation’s historical past.

11 November

Ampthill in Wartime

Saturday afternoon 2pm

The Civil War and both World Wars have had a marked influence on the development of the town. We look at why Ampthill has four war memorials! As well as visiting important buildings in the town that were used for wartime activities.

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