Ampthill Past Memories Project – Introduction

Oral history is a living narrative, where stories are shared verbally rather than through written documents. It goes beyond textbooks, capturing first-hand  experiences and personal viewpoints. By relying on spoken accounts, oral history adds depth and authenticity to our understanding of the past, providing a direct link to the people and events that shaped history.

The Ampthill Past Memories Project is a unique exploration of our town’s heritage, guided by the heartfelt narratives of Ampthill residents who have generously shared their memories with us.

Through the power of recorded conversations, we hear their personal stories, cherished moments, and historical anecdotes that weave the vibrant tapestry of Ampthill’s past.  As you listen their voices will bring history to life, creating a compelling tapestry that connects us to the roots of our community.

The project has been made possible by grants from the Inspiring Volunteers Grant (Central Bedfordshire) and the Ampthill Town Council Community Grant Fund supplemented by funding from the Preservation Society for which we are extremely grateful.  We couldn’t have made it happen without the help of Terry Lee, Senior Tutor in Radio & Audio at the University of Bedfordshire and recently appointed Chair of the Community Media Association and we really appreciate the time and expertise, that he has already given to us.

Of course, most importantly, we could not run the project without all the residents that have allowed us to record their precious memories, without them the project wouldn’t exist.  So we extend our deep appreciation and thanks to all those that have already completed interviews and all those that will do so in the future.

So join us, by clicking on or scanning the QR code below, as we listen to the voices that bring history to life, creating a compelling tapestry that connects us to the roots of our beloved community.