Bunyan and Bedfordshire

May 9th 2023 AGM followed by “Bunyan and Bedfordshire”

John Pestell is the author of the book ‘Travel with John Bunyan: Exploring the World of John Bunyan Author of “The Pilgrim’s Progress”’. Seventeenth Century England was an unsettled place but men like Bunyan sought to bring the healing word of God to it. John will give us the opportunity to learn about John Bunyan’s life in Bedfordshire. John is a great Bunyan enthusiast, and near Bedford-born in mid 1950s, he grew up in Elstow, Bunyan’s village, and as an infant lived in Bunyan’s cottage.

Please note: This talk replaces the advertised talk “English Garden Eccentrics” which has now moved from May 9th 2023 to October 3rd 2023